Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dead Folks Plus Crap Management Equals Huge Pile Of Bloody Awful

Usually, it's an experienced four-person team.  We're can tell you which funeral director can do cremations in your price range.  We know that you can leave someone at Monash Medical for longer than at Bethlehem.  We know that in 2010 the Coroner was fuller than it was during the year of Black Friday and they are still busy as fuck.  We have, well, had The Knowledge.
Now it's a huge pile of scorching rubble, because there's now only the two of us to put out the fire.  Our two noobs are on holiday and the team leader is also on holiday and is usually as useful as a fart in a haybale.  Trauma cleans were supposed to be done five weeks ago.  The nursing home wanted the room back at least a week ago.  Files are coming back with the wrong legal documents.  Each file (meaning, each dead person) is like a plane falling out of the sky, running out of fuel.  I start silently crying while I put a misdirected call through to another area, thinking, "Oh shit, that used up 7 minutes I can't spare."
Every damn day, it's like putting out a forest fire with tears and pee.  The noob backlog is terrfying (one of them can't even work our CRM system) and everyday we uncover another fuckup, another job not well done.  And it fucking kills (haha) me.  Seriously.

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